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Jared Leto Fans

A place for all Jared fans

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A place for all things Jared Leto related
Welcome to Jared Leto Fans! A community for Jared Leto news and discussion.

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1. This community is for the discussion and sharing of all things Jared Leto related. This includes his involvement with 30 Seconds to Mars as well as his movies and anything else. Feel free to share concert reviews, photos, movie reviews, icons, graphics, videos, et cetera. And we don't mind some squeeing. It is Jared after all. *grins* But please, no net speak. It's annoying and we're all adults.

2. Respect your fellow members. Flaming, bashing or anything of the sort will not be tolerated.

3. Large photos, pic spams, large icon and/or graphic posts and long articles must be put behind an LJ cut. You may post teasers of course.

4. No promoting other communities. This includes other sites, boards, forums, et cetera.

5. Anything considered to be 'of an adult nature or not work friendly' must having a warning and go behind an LJ cut. Slashy pictures, manips, graphics and icons are allowed.

6. No fan fic.

7. Anything posted that does not pertain to Jared, that promotes other sites, boards, forums, communities or breaks a community rule will be deleted without warning.

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